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Helping Agencies Create Exceptional Craft CMS Experiences

  • Design

    • UX

      Prioritizing user-centric design to craft intuitive and effective digital experiences.

    • Visual Design

      Providing high fidelity designs, style guides, and design systems for web marketing sites and web applications.

    • Accessibility

      Committed to ensuring web accessibility for a more inclusive digital experience.

  • Code

    • Craft CMS

      Long-term experience with Craft CMS from its earliest versions, utilizing it as the preferred CMS platform.

    • CSS

      Skilled in Vanilla CSS, Tailwind, and Sass, choosing the most suitable approach for each project.

    • Javascript

      Adding subtle Javascript enhancements to improve user interactions and visuals.

Side Projects

Teensy Industries

Creative Side Playground: Personal passion projects and creations of fun, small-scale physical products.

teensy.industries Learn More